It is difficult to bungle a good idea.

Cross Country Club

Jason Sturgill
Vincent Griffin (Bear Colony)
Lee Actkinson (Bear Colony, The Radio Sky)
Matthew Putman (Bear Colony, Family History, Fear is the Driving Force)

Vince was friends with Jason, who invited us to collaborate with him for the project. We were at Insomniac Studios finishing the new Bear Colony record when it came up, so we set up our keyboards, samplers, and other odds and ends right in the middle of the control room at Insomniac, and we called it “Screaming Eagle Studios” Located in the heart of Insomniac Studios :)

We created the song using mostly samples and loops made from stems of 4 or 5 different Bear Colony songs, mashing them together until it worked. We added Melodica, Ukelele, Synth Bass, and an electronic drum performance to flesh it out, Played around until we had a structure that made sense (and fit in the time requirements). We sent Jason a rough mix of the tune, and he recorded random vocal ideas into his phone and sent them to us. We chopped those up, pitched them around and played them using a sampler. We felt that the sentence we had was very easy to interpret in this way, and that is became a sort of self fulfilling statement, in the sense that the idea was good, so it was hard to fuck it up once we got started